Tailored Insurance Services Pty Ltd works with clients closely to ensure prompt claims service. We advise on what action is to be taken and provide any necessary forms for completion as required.

To make sure our clients receive full claims entitlements, we work with any Insurer appointed Loss Assessor or Independent Assessor to ensure they fully understand the insurance coverage in place at the time of loss.

Once your claim is finalized we make sure your insurance policy continues to protect you from future losses and we advise on ways to minimise further potential losses.

How you can help

  • Advise us as soon as possible of any incidents or damage that has occurred
  • Gather and record any information that will assist you in explaining the loss to insurers or assessors
  • Take photographs of the damage and never throw anything away unless advised to do so by the insurer
  • Immediately protect the property and minimize any further damage
  • Never admit liability for any damage to another persons property
  • Where a theft has occurred or an item is lost, advise Police and obtain a Police Report Number for your claim
  • Where you are injured or you have vehicle damage also advise Police and obtain a Police Report Number for your claim.